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Learn By Doing

We create an environment where a learner can develop emotionally, socially, perceptually, cognitively, spiritually and morally through the establishment and implementations of an excellent daily program.

Beyond the Books

We strive to create a variety of learning experiences, within the WCED prescribed curriculum or a GED curriculum, which will enable learners to reach their full potential.


How To Register Your Child

The step by step process of registering your child to one of our centres. 

Call For Inquiry

061 585 8054 | Anna-Marie   

 072 813 6877 | Johan

Mail For Inquiry



Contact the centre for an interview via our contact page.


During the interview, the learner will be asked to visit the centre on a day for a few hours to be observed.


Upon approval that learner will adept to the centre, the registration papers will be given to the parents to fill in.


The enrolment fee will be payable with the receiving of the registration fees.


Payments must be done upfront monthly before he/she commence classes for 12 months.


Stay up to date will all our events on our blog page.



 Our pricing structure and packages available.


Extra Curricular Programs

We have a variety of curricular programs and continuously add more. 

Reading (Cami)

Maths (Cami)

Perceptual (Cami)



We have 12 sports available at our facilities.


In our rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever to create an environment that allows every learner to learn and grow.

Studies show that by 2020, 80% of future jobs will require science, technology, and math skills.

We as educators are responsible to shape the minds of our learners for the future.

More details on their website: www.robotixkids.co.za 


After School programs


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Location: Stellenbosch / Bellville


061 585 8054 | Anna-Marie   

 072 813 6877 | Johan

Email: info@delicuim.co.za 

School Hours: M-F: 08:00 – 13:00/ 18:00